Leadership Development

Better leaders build better organisations.

Success in the 21st century for any organisation requires genuine staff engagement and commitment to the achievement of corporate goals. The key to establishing and maintaining staff commitment and engagement is effective leadership. Planning for change and improvement is of little value unless all staff understand the need for change and are committed to the successful implementation of change initiatives.

For over 25 years, Sheppard Associates has provided leadership development to assist clients to achieve productivity improvement, better customer service and safer and healthier workplaces. Our programs provide leaders at all levels with the practical skills required to engage staff in the successful pursuit of organisational goals.

Programs include:

  1. Leading the Organisation (Senior Managers)
  2. Leading the Workplace (Middle Managers)
  3. Foundations of Leadership (Supervisors)
  4. Safety Leadership (leaders at all levels)
  5. Leading and Managing Critical Events
  6. Leading People in Critical Situations (The X Factors)


Program Brochures

Better Leaders Build Better Organisations