Emergency Services Management

Critical events, crises and emergencies are a fact of life. In an age of 24/7 media scrutiny and heightened community expectations the management of an emergency or critical event must go well beyond containing the physical impact of the incident itself.

Emergency services managers are required to respond quickly and effectively to a range of critical events including floods, bushfires, marine pollution and terrorist events. A bushfire, for example, must be brought under control as soon as possible to limit threats to human life as well as the natural and built environments. However managing a bushfire involves much more than firefighting.

Emergency services management also involves coordinating, supporting and resourcing the agencies and groups which are responsible for controlling the incident and managing recovery processes.

In addition emergency service managers are required to carefully manage the involvement of third party organisations (including government agencies, private businesses and volunteer organisations) to avoid confusion, dysfunction and conflict.

Programs include:

  1. Leading and Managing Critical Events
  2. Leading People in Critical Situations (The X Factors)
  3. Introduction to Oiled Wildlife Response
  4. Basic Equipment Operators
  5. Oiled Shoreline Responders


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