About Us

Sheppard Associates has more than 25 years experience assisting leaders and staff all over the world to create more successful organisations.

Our values

1. Client Focus
2. Care and Respect
3. Integrity
4. Innovation

Our services

Based in Australia we provide consulting services to Australian, regional and global clients in:

  • Organisation Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Safety Leadership
  • Marine Environment Protection
  • Emergency Services Management

Dr Terence Sheppard

Dr Terry Sheppard is Managing Director of Sheppard Associates a major provider of organisation and leadership development programmes in Australia, Asia and Africa. Terry has more than 25 years’ experience assisting managers all over the world to create more successful organisations. With associate offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Hong Kong and Johannesburg Sheppard Associates provides business development services to Australian, regional and global clients. Terry founded Sheppard Associates with a vision to create more successful organisations by developing more effective leaders and staff. He holds degrees in economics, psychology and education, is a qualified psychologist, and teaches regularly in executive education programs. His business experience and strong academic background make him a sought after lecturer and seminar leader.

His business philosophy is presented in his book: The Writing on the Wall- Reading the signs of business success and failure.

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Better Leaders Build Better Organisations